We aim to ensure that our website is accessible and usable to as many people as possible. It is has been designed to conform with Level AA of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the minimum standard required by the UK Government.

Our website has been tested by the Shaw Trust, and we are working with them to achieve the Shaw Trust Accessible rating of achieving WCAG 2.1.

Using this website

This site will work in all major web browsers. Most browsers (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) allow you to set the size and colour of text and the background colours of web pages within the 'internet options' section. You can also choose the colours for links.

Make sure you running an up to date version of your browser. This will make your computer more secure, and ensure websites work properly for you.

Using Screen magnification

If you change the settings and find that this does not enlarge the text enough, then you may want to consider screen magnification software. Screen magnification can magnify up to 16 times.

Using a mouse with a scrolling wheel

  • To enlarge text, hold down the Control key while rotating the mouse wheel towards you.
  • To reduce text size hold down Control and spin the wheel away from you. This will either step you through a range of text sizes or zoom the whole page in/out.

Please note - if you use Internet Explorer 6, this trick may not work with some external websites.

Viewing the full screen

To view the full screen and remove some of the browser's navigation bars,

  • press F11 once.
  • press it again to return the navigation bar Access keys

Further help and resources

The following websites provide a wealth of help and information on using our website and tools to assist you

AbilityNet - My Computer My Way
BBC - My Web My Way

Accessibility improvements

Whilst we have worked hard to ensure our website is as accessible as possible, we recognise that some parts of our site are not yet fully accessible.

PDF documents

Most documents on this site are available as PDFs (Portable Document Format). To read these you will need a PDF file reader installed, such as Adobe Reader. You can find out more about the accessibility features of Adobe Reader on their website.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure all of our documents on our website are accessible, some of our older documents are currently not compliant. If you come across a document that is not accessible, please contact us and we will look to convert on your behalf.


Across our website we have a number of maps. Where there is a map, we have provided a text version of the address and are working to create separate accessible map on Google Maps. Full details on Accessibility in Google Maps is available from the Google Support website.

External Websites

Our website branches off to a number of external sites for different council functions such as our payment portal and our FOI system.  We are working with them in order to ensure they are compliant with the very guidelines set out above but as we do not directly manage these sites, it is out of our direct control

Alternative Languages

This website is written in English but it can viewed in other languages using google chromes translate feature. Download Google chromeand follow Google's guidance for alternative languages.